Blood Blockade Battlefront Blitz T. Abrams Cosplay Costume


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Includes: Shirt, pants, coat, tie
Material: Uniform cloth
Net Weight: 1.40kg
Shipping Weight: 1.70kg
Shown Color: Grey
Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach
Features: This costume can keep you warm and also make you look cool. You can wear it not only when you go to party, but also during your daily life.
Character Introduction: Blitz T. Abrams is Klaus’ former mentor and world-famous vampire hunter. His nickname Lucky Abrams is ironic, as his luck is incredibly bad, often triggering mayhem for those around him, this is due to him having been cursed multiple times, but the curses usually end up canceling each other out. Outwardly jovial for the most part, he seems entirely unaware why people go out of their way to avoid him, and can come off as insensitive, such as when he chastised Leo for damaging an eye, telling him to ‘sacrifice an arm’ next time. Despite this, whenever it comes to the job at hand, he becomes decidedly more serious&cold, going so far as to threaten Deldro Brody with coagulation when the latter attempts to threaten him.

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